Frequently Asked Questions

The only reason would be because your question is answered in this FAQ.

For any questions, feel free to check out the FAQ. In case you are not able to find the answer, ask the community through our chat.
In case our community isn't able to help you, then open a support ticket.

Your accounts will be set to INACTIVE after 30 days of your last log in.
Make sure your login once in 3 days in order to keep the right of using your account.

In case your account becomes inactive, we won't be able to return it.

In order to withdraw, first, you will need to have the minimum required amount in your account.
You can find the minimum amount on the withdrawal page, and by selecting a payment processor.

For, it's instant., it really depends. It could be from 1-7 days after you ask for your withdrawal.
Direct withdrawals are possible, but only for amounts of $20+. (Direct ones are sent once per 24 hours)


Please keep in mind. The system is made in a way that when you ask for a withdrawal your entire balance will be sent

In order to maintain a high-quality site, we need quality users.
For that reason, we have added an option where you need to log in once in 7 days in order to keep your referral earnings coming in and getting credited in your account.

We will not answer to any complaint emails regarding this matter in case you don't get referral earnings after not logging in, in 7+ days.

You can request a withdraw in Bitcoin, only.
We will credit your & Payeer accounts in Bitcoin.

On Payeer, you can convert your BTC to USD, EUR, and other FIAT currencies.

When depositing from you'll be asked to deposit $USD on the site.
On the deposit page, you need to write the amount in USD, and not in BTC/satoshi.

For example, the minimum deposit amount is $0.1. After you put that value and click on the next step, FP will open and ask you to confirm.
When you confirm, BTC will be sent to us, and you will be credited with $USD in your account.


In this FAQ we will list the Advertising Types that are available on our website:


  • PTC Ads (Paid to click ads) - Those appear on this page: - Users click on the ads, watch them, and get paid the amount you have decided to pay for 1 view.
  • Text Ads - Appear on the Homepage, at the bottom.
  • Link Ads - Appear on the Homepage, at the bottom.
  • Banner Ads - Appear on the Homepage, on PTC ad iframe when the user is completing a PTC advertisement. (We will be adding this ad type banner on more locations in the future)
  • Login Ads - Appear on each login every 24 hours when a user gets back. It's right under the news pop up.
  • PTSU Offers - Are offers where you pay users to sign up/register somewhere, complete some steps, then you pay them after completion of the task.

We hope this short explanation helps!
Good luck!

To protect our community, we need to add some restrictions to the ads you can post.

For the time being, we do not allow:


  • Pornographical/nudity ads.
  • NSFW
  • Drugs ads
  • Weapons ads
  • Any other illegal type of advertisements that could harm, or insult any users.

You are allowed to post ads that contain cryptocurrency multipliers, MLM, pyramid ads, but we won't be able to assist you in any way.

Clickers: If you notice any ads that you think are falling under the "Illegal ads" category, please contact us through our support centre ASAP.

Advertisers that break the rules above will have their advertisements DELETED and funds WON'T be returned for those specific ads posted.

Thank you for your understanding.

You can deposit funds through,, and by contacting us directly, in case you'd like to deposit $ in a form of a cryptocurrency we don't accept via our payment processors.
The minimum deposit for cryptocurrencies that we don't accept through our 3rd party partners is $20.

It's pretty easy.
In case you think you can predict the movement of the price of Bitcoin, all you have to do is:

Open a "Short" position if you think the price will go down.
Open a "Long" position if you think the price will go up.

In case your funds are moved to your "Balance", you can simply transfer them to your Play balance by clicking HERE

In order to make sure funds in your account were obtained legally through our sites' rewards, we allow you to withdraw your funds every 7 days.

First, you need to have a usable advertising balance.
After your balance is topped up, you need to decide which advertisement you would like to post by buying credits from THIS page.

The next step is to go to:

My Account > Advertiser Stats > Advertise

Click on the desired advertisement you are looking for, then "Click here to add a new advertisement", and add the advertisement of your desire.
Make sure to fill all fields that have an *, so your advertisement gets set up correctly.

Under the Premium Members Only?* field, put "NO"

After you have posted your ad, you will see: "Your advertisement was sucessfully created!"

- Click on "Continue", then you will need to validate your ad by clicking on "CLICK HERE TO VALIDATE THIS AD".
- This will open your ad and allow you to see it as someone who is about to complete your PTC ad offer.
- After you watch your ad, complete the captcha at the top. Select the right icon that is upside down.
- After you do that, you will get "Your link was validated, now you can close this window."

In order to protect our users from NSFW, and other illegal ads, we will need to manually review your ad.
The status of your ad will be "PENDING REVIEW".
After we ensure your ad is in line with our ToS, we will publish it.

When we notify you that your advertisement is posted, you will need to go back to your advertiser panel and allocate credits for your campaign, and save it.

That's it. Your advertisement is now live!

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